>> When the user saves or closes the image, Gimp would send a D-bus
>> notification to the photo manager allowing the photo manager to update
>> information about that image (e.g. if the user uses "save as" the
>> photo manager could mark the new image as "related" to the original).
> That is not trivial. For the work-flow you describe, it could probably
> be done. But not every image opened ends up being related to the image
> that is saved later.

Agree this will never be perfect. It will be up to the client app (and
user) to figure out if the image is really related or not. It's still
a lot better than forcing the user of the photo manager to manually
find the file and create the link.

> Probably the most interesting part for using D-Bus in GIMP would be to
> export the full PDB as a D-Bus interface.

I guess, but does that allow hooking into gimp events? (my experience
with scripting gimp is limited to very straightforward stuff)
For my purposes, I'd really like to see client notifications.

> PS: Pretty please, next time you write to this list, do not quote the
> full mailing-list digest. We kindly ask everyone here to only quote
> relevant material.

Sorry, I forgot to delete it. :(
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