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Add docking capabilities to the toolbox so it would be possible to dock 
dialog to the top, bottom, left or right of the toolbox or dock the 
toolbox on
the top, bottom, left, or right of another dialog window. (In 
multi-window mode
and single-window mode)

 From an irc discussion:
(08:44:36 AM) jbaker: speaking of ui, is it possible to move the toolbox 
to the
right of the image in sw mode ?
(08:48:33 AM) guiguru: jbaker: should be
(08:48:55 AM) guiguru: it is free tear off and docking in swm
(08:50:14 AM) jbaker: guiguru: i think the toolbox is a different widget 
the other dialogs, as far as I can tell there is really no place to grab 
(08:50:43 AM) guiguru: it is different, but that needs to be fixed then
(08:51:23 AM) Death: Grabbing wilber would make sense for me...

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