Jerry Baker wrote:

> For discussion...
> Add docking capabilities to the toolbox so it would be possible to  
> dock
> another
> dialog to the top, bottom, left or right of the toolbox or dock the
> toolbox on
> the top, bottom, left, or right of another dialog window. (In
> multi-window mode
> and single-window mode)
> From an irc discussion:
> (08:44:36 AM) jbaker: speaking of ui, is it possible to move the  
> toolbox
> to the
> right of the image in sw mode ?
> (08:48:33 AM) guiguru: jbaker: should be
> (08:48:55 AM) guiguru: it is free tear off and docking in swm
> (08:50:14 AM) jbaker: guiguru: i think the toolbox is a different  
> widget
> than
> the other dialogs, as far as I can tell there is really no place to  
> grab
> it...
> (08:50:43 AM) guiguru: it is different, but that needs to be fixed  
> then
> (08:51:23 AM) Death: Grabbing wilber would make sense for me...

there is a bit of confusion going on here about the toolbox.

you can talk about the toolbox itself, and it is not a dockable
right now (and as Martin said, quite a bit of work to make it).

then there is the toolbox as a column with the toolbox always at
the top and maybe some other dockables (like tool options) also
docked in that column.

right now that column sits in multi-window mode in its own floating
palette type window. in single-window mode, that column should be able
be docked to the left/right of the image or any other dockable column
(the latter docked or in floating window).

that is what I meant to say,


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