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Martin Nordholts wrote:
> I would like to add that with GEGL, desaturation will always be 
> performed in linear light 32-bit RGBA (maybe even LAB), so the color 
> space of source bitmap won't matter for the quality of the conversion.

Additionally, with floating point processing i'd like to see the user working
with just 'colors' -- and be relieved from having to choose a working space.

I wonder what the problems of ultra-wide gamut color space are (due to
virtual colors etc.). I'd be grateful for any pointers.

> The subject of the mail suggests this is for 2.8, but it should work 
> pretty good on any GIMP version because of it's generic nature. I am 
> afraid this will be necessary unless we postpone or reschedule the GIMP 
> 2.8 release.

.. i'll hope for some magic that someone chimes in to make it happen ;)

However, there are several options to lessen the required coding effort
for import handling *). The most radical of which is to use the classic
pop-up dialog, together with a corresponding prefs item:
"Ask on bitmap import: always/never/if in doubt".
The other sections of the proposal can stay pretty much the same.

If this variant sounds reasonably close to a minimal strategy, i can work
out the details, just let me know if that makes sense ;)

In comparison with the current behaviour, this solution gives better defaults
to support both a color-managed primary workflow and the secondary workflow,
which moreover may be unmanaged -- without one having to dive into the 


*) There are two more variants which should require less coding than
   the on-canvas approach and still offer smooth workflows:

   Adjusting the color space conversion boils down to two steps: 1) undo the 
last import
   and 2) re-do with the new parameters, so my uneducated guess is that the 
bitmap to be
   imported could be pushed on the undo stack...

   Variant 1: buttons in the viewport corner instead of an attachment to the 
new layer(s):

   Variant 2: GtkInfoBar:

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