Hi Everyone:
My name is Edward Smith from China, who is the freshman in the GIMP. 
I am sorry to disturb you. Maybe it's not a polite way to sent the email always 
to the group mail list for this kind of problem.
It's my avocation to study the OpenSource project as GIMP.
When I first get involved into the GIMP, I find there is such a great deal of 
thing I am unknown.
I can hardly find the entrance to the GIMP project. 
Also I find that there is less useful stuff in the project main web page to 
help analyze the source code to me
Maybe it's a good idea to get a glimpse of the GIMP's code framework.
So it will be very kind of you to share me some document of this field or some 
stuff else which is related to the GIMP.
Thank you in advance!~~


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