On Tue, 2010-03-02 at 08:01 -0500, lloyd konneker wrote:
> Yes, I will submit a proper patch.  I'm new but I can figure it out.
> I mainly wanted to get feedback whether it was desirable.  I'm not clear
> when a discussion of an enhancement should move to Bugzilla.
> More testing reveals other issues and test cases:
> First, most plugins have unguarded calls to register(), so importing
> some plugins from a plugin ends up reregistering a plugin, with a
> warning to stderr from the Gimp PDB but apparently harmlessly.  I'm
> still exploring, eg whether the order in which plugins are loaded
> matters, whether the warning is only for local plugins, whether Gimp
> supports multiple registrations of different plugins from the same
> Python source, etc.  

I wonder if importing a plug-in from another plug-in is really something
that we want to support. If the goal is to share code, then perhaps the
code that is worth sharing should be factored out into a Python module
that the plug-ins can import.


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