Apparently I was supposed to discuss any potential new features with the 
developer mailing list prior to filing a bug. Sven Neumann pointed this 
out to me. Thanks Sven.


For web designers it is essential to have the option to either include 
or exclude color profiles on images that are created with Gimp. It would 
be great to have a checkbox on the save/export dialog or the Save for 
Web plugin dialog that would allow you to exclude the color profile.

Sven suggested I just 'unset the color profile' on the image, but the 
option doesn't seem to exist. I'm running Gimp 2.6.7 on Ubuntu Karmic 
9.10. Under

File > Image > Mode >

I have the options 'Assign Color Profile' and 'Convert Color Profile'. 
Neither of these gives me the option to 'unset the color profile'. If 
the option isn't available next to these color profile options, what is 
the next logical place for that option to be located?

Adding it to the Save for Web plugin (why else would you NOT want a 
color profile included?) makes sense to me because that is the least 
destructive way to do such a thing. This is in line with your recent 
changes to 'Save' being non-destructive and 'Export' representing the 
act of saving images to 'destructive' formats/settings.

I think this is similar to the act of switching from RGB colorspace to 
indexed colors. Sure, you can do it on the document itself, but 
suggesting that that is the best approach is disregarding the real world 
workflow of producing images for the web.

On the other hand, is it possible that Ubuntu has mucked up something 
here? Scribus likes to point the finger at Ubuntu a lot. This option to 
'unset the color profile' might exist, but doesn't on Ubuntu for some 

I apologize if I'm missing something obvious, but I've looked all over 
and the online manual doesn't mention this and I can't even find a 
blogger talking about the subject. All of the literature just assumes 
that color management and including color profiles in images is always 
the desired route. It SHOULD be, but this isn't a perfect world and the 
web certainly has a long way to go before all browsers support color 
profiles consistently.

Your patience and guidance is much appreciated.


Jason Simanek
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