I have seen in my latest GIMP build that the new text layer allows us
to style different parts of the text in different styles. This is an
amazing feature (I waited for it for a long time), but it's a pain in
the neck for my PDF export plugin (see here
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=382688 )

Is there any way in which I can acces the style of the text? I can
easily add a PDB procedure (to the GIMP's source) to export the
PangoTextLayout object to plugins for using, but I doubt that it's a
good idea (Since exposing the internal structure will be a big problem
in backwards comptiablility if we ever change from pango).

The other option which I can think off, is something that will work
but will not be ideal. This is to expose a function that renders a
text layer to a cairo surface. This way, for vector surfaces It will
still be a vector instead of bitmap, and it won't be any trouble for
the programmer.
However, this method also has many problems...

Can anyone give me any hint on what should I do?

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