On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 17:29 +0200, LightningIsMyName wrote:

> I have seen in my latest GIMP build that the new text layer allows us
> to style different parts of the text in different styles. This is an
> amazing feature (I waited for it for a long time), but it's a pain in
> the neck for my PDF export plugin (see here
> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=382688 )
> Is there any way in which I can acces the style of the text?=

Such a way will have to be added of course. We usually add the core
functionality first, then expose it to plug-ins. It's easier this way

It should be unproblematic to add a procedure that exposes the new
"markup" property of the text object.


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