Hope my message didn't add too much of a stir. yahvuu's proposal does
indeed encompass the small feature that I was requesting as well as
other features that sound excellent.

On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 12:14 PM, Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com> wrote:
> Here is a great reference site exactly on this subject....
> http://www.gballard.net/psd/go_live_page_profile/embeddedJPEGprofiles.html
> For people like me, I recommend reading it thoroughly AND following all
> his links.  It does go on a bit, but there are many pearls in it.  Too
> bad he does not seem to talk about Gimp, but the content is still great.

For the issues that I'm concerned with (I'm a professional web
designer/developer) skip to the part titled "ANOTHER PROBLEM with
Embedding ICC Profiles:" on the gballard.net page linked to by Jay
Smith. That's problem I'm dealing with that forces me to open certain
Gimp-created images in Photoshop in order to strip out the color

Gballard doesn't mention that Firefox, when its color management is
enabled, actually does website color management correctly, since it
applies color profiles to both images and HMTL/CSS-defined colors. But
that really doesn't affect the discussion as it pertains to Gimp. And
besides, Firefox's color management is not enabled by default.

Sven says:
> You assign the sRGB profile.
> That is equivalent to un-setting the color profile.

That's not true in my experience. Yes, sRGB should be as good as NOT
having a profile since sRGB is the ASSUMED color space on most
computersy. But Gimp still adds a color profile to the image: an sRGB
color profile. This still causes all of the color mismatch problems on
websites thoroughly described on the gballard.net site mentioned

-Jason Simanek
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