On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 13:19 -0600, Jason Simanek wrote:

> Sven says:
> > You assign the sRGB profile.
> > That is equivalent to un-setting the color profile.
> That's not true in my experience. Yes, sRGB should be as good as NOT
> having a profile since sRGB is the ASSUMED color space on most
> computersy. But Gimp still adds a color profile to the image: an sRGB
> color profile. 

That would be a bug then. The intention of the lcms plug-in is that it
deletes the "icc-profile" parasite if you assign the built-in sRGB
profile. From a quick look at the code, I'd say that this is indeed what
the plug-in is doing. What makes you think that the parasite would still
be set?


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