On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 22:46 +0100, yahvuu wrote:
> Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Untagged files are assumed to be sRGB. That is the assumption that the
> > GIMP code makes all over the place. Actually most parts of GIMP
> > (basically everything except the display code) don't care about the
> > color profile at all and will assume sRGB no matter what profile is
> > attached. It is thus recommended to convert all images to sRGB during
> > the import into GIMP.
> This means that color management is simply incomplete or is something worse 
> happening?

It is incomplete.

> I'm asking because last year, about same time [1], you wrote:
> > Well, choosing a working profile other than sRGB is totally unsupported
> > and will definitely lead to bad results.
> I would call it useful partial support of color management if i can open an 
> AdobeRGB file
> and apply, say, curves and gaussian blur and save the file with the color 
> profile.
> In any case, the displayed image is correct and matches the saved image.

If you don't mind that the Curves and Blur operations both make the
assumption that they'd be working in sRGB, then that's fine. For a lot
of operations it probably doesn't matter that much.


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