On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 16:33 -0600, Jason Simanek wrote:

> I understand that color management is complicated and probably not
> worth completely implementing until Gimp fully employs GEGL, but I
> think changing the menu so that
> File > Image > Mode > Assign Color Profile > sRGB
> ACTUALLY applies the selected sRGB color profile to the image
> and something like
> File > Image > Mode > Remove Color Profile
> would discard any color profile associated with the image
> would be a simple change that would be a huge improvement to Gimp's
> user interface.

It's not that simple though. The assumption that no profile means sRGB
is made in many more places. The Image Properties dialog for example
will show you "sRGB built-in" for an image that has no profile attached.

The current behavior was proposed and accepted on this mailing-list
before color management was added to GIMP. Of course it can be changed
now, but such a change needs a complete proposal then that covers all
places that are affected by it.

The point of the current behavior is that you need to make an assumption
if no profile is attached to an image. Otherwise you could not even
display this image. Without a color profile or an assumption about the
meaning of the RGB values it's just numbers.


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