On 03/04/2010 02:14 AM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> The point of the current behavior is that you need to make an assumption
> if no profile is attached to an image. Otherwise you could not even
> display this image. Without a color profile or an assumption about the
> meaning of the RGB values it's just numbers.

It's really unfortunate that the one color space that Gimp actually uses 
is sRGB, which has a fairly limited gamut (as I understand it). Of 
course, since it's the default color space of computer displays, sRGB 
makes perfect historical sense. But if it were instead something like 
Adobe RGB, Gimp would probably be pretty respectable as long as it color 
managed the transition from whatever original color space an image was 
in to the native wide-gamut RGB. And the export would work the same. In 
that situation the wide-gamut RGB would most likely be able to preserve 
all/most existing color variations in any image.

Sven, thanks for explaining the reality of color management in Gimp. Is 
somebody on the team already working on this or in this direction? Is 
there anything a non-programmer can do to contribute to this color 
management problem? Or is it just a matter of waiting for the developers 
to move all of Gimp over to GEGL's way of doing things?

-Jason Simanek
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