On 03/03/10 11:19, Jason Simanek wrote:
> ...elision by patrick
> Gballard doesn't mention that Firefox, when its color management is
> enabled, actually does website color management correctly, since it
> applies color profiles to both images and HMTL/CSS-defined colors. But
> that really doesn't affect the discussion as it pertains to Gimp. And
> besides, Firefox's color management is not enabled by default.
Since 3.5 it's enabled by default.
> That's not true in my experience. Yes, sRGB should be as good as NOT
> having a profile since sRGB is the ASSUMED color space on most
> computersy. But Gimp still adds a color profile to the image: an sRGB
> color profile. This still causes all of the color mismatch problems on
> websites thoroughly described on the gballard.net site mentioned
> above.
Now I'm confused I thought gballard said the opposite.

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