On Tue, 2010-03-09 at 16:47 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:

> The general arguments you raise such as "code harder to maintain" and
> "interface more complex" are all perfectly legitimate and could be said
> of virtually any program change.  However, they are not a "shield" from
> change.  Rather, they are a "filter" which must be passed as part of a
> cost/benefit analysis.

Indeed, that is exactly what they are. And that's why you need to give
us reasons other than "I would like that feature because it would be
useful for me". Otherwise this change has nothing but costs and will be

> BUT... that little double-arrow thingy at the bottom of the curves
> graph reverses black/white positions.

Sorry, but the fact that another program has a toggle button for this is
not an argument for adding such a toggle button to GIMP. So is there any
work-flow or use-case for which it would be beneficial to reverse the


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