On Wed, 2010-03-10 at 09:14 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:

> > - And do the words "embedding" or "assigning" or "tagging" mean the same
> > thing in this context?
> No, but that should have become evident already.

Let me try to define the terms nevertheless. Perhaps that helps to clear
up some of the confusion around this topic.

We speak about an embedded color profile in the context of an image
file. The file contains a color profile and this profile defines how it
should be interpreted. Not all file formats actually support this.

We speak about assigning a color profile in the sense of assigning the
"icc-profile" parasite to an image object in GIMP. This is what a file
load plug-in will typically do. If it finds an embedded color profile in
the image file, it will create an "icc-profile" parasite from that
profile and attach it to the image. This attached profile will be used
by the display code to correctly display the image and when that image
is exported, the file save plug-in may embed the attached profile in the
file that it creates.

Some file formats, such as PNG for example, allow to tag the file to be
in a particular well-known color space. The color profile is not
embedded then, it is assumed to be well-defined. Instead of distributing
the profile with the image file, there is just a flag saying "this data
should be interpreted as sRGB".


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