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> I found this old thread:
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/create/2009-February/001578.html
> That talks about tagging.  I've also looked at the source, and am not
> able to locate how the checksum is calculated.  It does not appear to
> be a md5sum of the actual resource file.  How is it calculated?

The md5 checksum is calculated after object is loaded. Each tagged
object implements GimpTaggedInterface, including method get_checksum
(). Therefore, its internal data is used to calculate the checksum,
which means different implementation for each resource type.

For resource sharing it might be better to calculate md5 checksum on
raw file data. However, not all resources are physical files, for
example, generated brushes.

There has been some effort to create a common tag storage format, see
http://create.freedesktop.org/wiki/ResourceTagging . It would be used
by graphic applications for tag storage and put in resource packages.

There are some ideas, that resources and tags could be shared among
graphic applications. However, there is only discussion where shared
tags and resources could be put, not how some applications access
shared tag list concurrently.

There are quite a few things to decide before something can be
actually implemented.

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