Omari Stephens wrote:
> On 03/13/2010 02:41 PM, yahvuu wrote:
>> But how to avoid the overhead when such files are to be archieved?
>> After all, URLs tend to throw 404s after a while.
>> Just rely on the compression feature of the backup software?
> I think the answer is easy: provide a way to strip the color profile. 
> If a person is specifically targeting a situation where a color profile 
> is a bad thing, they strip it, et voila.  Otherwise, everything has a 
> color profile, unless it lacked one when it was imported.

I fully agree that this a sound overall strategy for GIMP, and probably
this is all that is necessary from GIMP's side.

However, creating unmanaged files that aren't sRGB is a dangerous thing to do,
and releasing such uninterpretable files to the world should really be avoided.
I think it helps to understand the scenarios where people are tempted to create
such files -- maybe there's something that can be done to not create that 
in first place. Hence my question how to best deal with printer dependent data.

> And seriously, 3kB for a profile is peanuts for most images.

I had to learn that measured profiles turn out be a lot bigger. The minilab
profiles i've seen are >= 1MB.


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