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> Hi all,
> I am web designer and I trying Gimp 2.6.8 in Debian Lenny (2.6.26-2) and
> Ubuntu Karmic (2.6.31-14).
> I found that, when I set font size to X pixels, Gimp converts it into
> wrong size, i.e. 16 px at 72 ppi are 12 px, 16 px at 96 ppi are 12 px,
> 16 px at 300 ppi are 12 px, ... What's wrong?
> Is it a bug?
> I can understand that if Gimp use 72 ppi for fonts when I set 16 px it
> converts it into 12 px. But what about other cases?

In Gimp 2.6, font sizes are based upon your monitor ppi, not the ppi
of the image. There is a section in Preferences ('Display', if I
recall correctly), which allows you to override this. This could be
regarded as a bug (particularly for anamorphic images (ie. those that
do not have square pixels.. like: 48x96ppi)

In recent development versions of GIMP, I understand that text size is
proportional to image ppi.

Hopefully that helps. I found your email confusing, as in my opinion,
if you input 16px, then what you should get is always 16px. However,
there are also other factors -- many fonts seem to be badly adjusted
(baseline too low, overall scale too small,...), so that you must
request much larger sizes to get the ordinary size you want (not only
in GIMP, but in all programs.). Have you checked your results with
different fonts?
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