Thales img writes:
> Is there any way to change the color of part of a text? Like this:
> This wordis red
> I'm asking 'cause if there isn't an easy way is something to think about.

Probably the easiest way is to use bucket fill and click on each
of the letters. Note that that will change the layer into a graphics
layer and lose the special text information, like font and size.

A more elaborate, but more flexible, way, is to make a new layer
on top of your text layer. Make a selection in that layer covering
whatever part of the text you want in a different color (e.g. a
rectangle covering only that word). Fill the rectangle with your
desired color. Then, in the Layers dialog, set the mode of the
new layer to Lighten Only. If your text was black, that will turn
the word your desired color. If you started with a different color
of text, you might need a different layer mode (experiment with all
of them).

Depending on your background color, this might also change some of
the background around the text, but there are some ways to get arond
that. "Merge down" on the layer will merge it only with the text layer
below it, or you could use the text layer as a mask to mask off
everything but text in the color layer. The best approach depends
on exactly what effect you're trying to achieve and what colors
are involved.

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