Good news for GIMP and GEGL:

The list of accepted organizations for Google Summer of Code 2010 is
published, and the GNU Image Manipulation Program is accepted:


We have two mentors:

 * Alexia Death (IRC nick: Alexia_Death or Death)
 * Martin Nordholts (IRC nick: Enselic)

Our ideas list is at:


Please note that we're looking for students with some software
development experience this year. The requirements are listed for each idea.

Next steps

Student applications can be submitted at as
of March 29, 2010

See the GSoC 2010 Program FAQ for any questions regarding the
application process and the time line:



Please note that even though you you can't submit any application form
until March 29, it's a good idea to get in contact with us as soon as
possible - either on the gimp-developer mailing list (replies to this
mail will go there by default) or our IRC channel #gimp on the server

Happy and successful GSoC 2010,
Michael Schumacher

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