On Mon, 2010-03-22 at 00:00 +0100, Merkelvin Glasmer wrote:

> Because an enhancement request should never be filed without prior
> discussion here, I want to discuss it now:
> If I want to import a specific page from a PDF file in GIMP, it is
> sometimes a little bit difficult to make the right one out.
> Especially, if the PDF file has many pages, which are also looking
> very similar to each other. Of course I could take a look into the PDF
> first via Adobe Reader, but we assume, that there is no PDF viewing
> software installed.
> In my opinion it would be very comfortable to have an option for the
> PDF import preview window to zoom in or out by having a percentage
> field to define the size, the pages are displayed.

Given the fact that there are free (as in Open Source) PDF viewers
available, I don't think adding this functionality to the GIMP PDF
import plug-in is worth the effort. IMO we should avoid adding more UI
controls to the PDF importer. It is already slightly more complex than
it should be.


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