> @ Martin Nordholts :
> This is Sukh Ram Manda from India.I am a 4th year computer science
> student looking for participation in Google Summer of Code.
> While searching for project idea suitable to my skills I found your idea
> "make menu searchable " on GIMP.
> But I am not able to fully understand your idea.
> I will be pleased if you can elaborate it further.
> Looking for your positive response..


The GIMP menu structure is a beast. But each item is well documented, in 
particular there are tooltips for most of them. The idea is to make the 
menu item labels and the descriptions of them searchable. It could be a 
text entry in the menu bar for example.

If I would type 'gaussian' in the textbox, there would be a dropdown of 
a list containing the menu items
Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur
Filter -> Edge-detect -> Difference of Gaussians...
since both of them contains the word 'gassian', in this case in the menu 
labels although it would match the tooltip description too.

That's the basic idea, but it can be extended in many ways, it could 
maybe even search the GIMP plug-in registry for example.



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