On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 21:30 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:

> The GIMP menu structure is a beast. But each item is well documented, in 
> particular there are tooltips for most of them. The idea is to make the 
> menu item labels and the descriptions of them searchable. It could be a 
> text entry in the menu bar for example.

It could be a text entry that replaces the menu-bar triggered by a
keyboard shortcut, similar to how you can switch from the path-bar to a
location entry in the file-chooser. Or it could be a UI that overlays
itself on the image. The current work on the text tool UI shows what's
possible in this respect with newer versions of GTK+.

Would be nice to get some input from Peter on this subject. With a
little help from the guiguru, this could turn out to become a very
useful change to the GIMP UI.

>From a development point of view, it shouldn't be too difficult to
implement the actual search in the menus and plug-ins. A main focus of
the project should be on the user interface.


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