just forwarding a few aspects of the GTK+ 2.20 release notes that are of
interest for GIMP:

GTK+ 2.20.0 is now available for download at:


Release notes are available at:


Changes in GtkNotebook

 - GtkNotebook allows to show 'action widgets' in the space that
   is not occupied by tabs. This functionality is also available
   in GtkBuilder via the 'action-start' and 'action-end' child types.

That should allow us to save some space in the docks. IIRC, Martin has
plans that depend on this new API in GTK+.

Changes in the file chooser

 - GtkFileSystemModel has been reimplemented, for major speedups
   and simplifications.

Performance of the file-chooser has always been an issue. Nice to see
improvements here.

gdk-pixbuf changes

 - Embedded color profiles in png and tiff images can be stored
   and retrieved

That is a very welcome addition as it finally allows us to add color
management for images imported and exported by DND and through the
clipboard. A very much needed improvement to color management in GIMP.

OS X changes

 - GTK+ uses standard Mac keyboard shortcuts (Cmd-X/Cmd-C instead of
   Ctrl-X/Ctrl-C, etc)

 - The handling of multi-monitor setups has been greatly improved

Would be nice if someone could try how usable GIMP has become on a
recent native build of GTK+ on OS X.

Congratulations and a lot of thanks to the GTK+ team for this release.


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