On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 21:56 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:

> > From a development point of view, it shouldn't be too difficult to
> > implement the actual search in the menus and plug-ins. A main focus of
> > the project should be on the user interface.
> I think both are equally important, no one will want to use a great UI 
> with terrible performance, and no one will want to use a very responsive 
> but hard to use UI.
> I can well imagine that the amount of work for indexing and matching 
> menu items and other arbitrary sources in a future-proof way is big 
> enough task for a GSoC alone.

We already have search in plug-ins and even though it is implemented by
means of making PDB calls from the plug-in process to the GIMP core it
still presents search result almost instantaneous. A search in the GIMP
menus and plug-ins that performs well is a matter of days to implement.

Wrapping a nice UI around it is a different matter though and it would
certainly make a nice GSoC project. It definitely requires some GTK+
knowledge or at least the will to make oneself quite familiar with GTK+.
It also involves dealing with parts of the GIMP core, such as UI
managers and the PDB.


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