On 3/24/10, Merkelvin Glasmer wrote:

> I just have two questions about the future of the implementation of GEGL
> into The GIMP:
> 1. I read on different websites, that in future it will be possible to open
> RAW image formats of different camera manufacturers natively in GIMP without
> the requirement of additional software. Is this true?

In fact GEGL is already tied to libopenraw which is a Raw can-opener
written from scratch. Unfortunately, libopenraw seems to be
discontinued by its developer, so the future perhaps lies in libraw
which is dcraw turned into a modern library with multithreading
support and all that jazz. As soon as GIMP starts using GEGL loaders,
someone could write a loader via libraw.

> 2. Is GIMP going to support (also save to) the PFM file format
> http://gl.ict.usc.edu/HDRShop/PFM/PFM_Image_File_Format.html and will it be
> possible to make HDR information?

There is nothing special about PFM what would make it difficult to
support this file format in GEGL and, later, in GIMP. Judging by some
projects, creating a PFM saver is a few days work, if not less. One
just needs to sit down and actually write code. That's all.

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