On Wednesday 24 March 2010, saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com wrote:
>    * no mnemonics are shown when menus are opened with the mouse
>    * interacting with the menus via the keyboard (opening a menu with 
>      shortcut, or navigating with arrow keys or similar) will make mnemonics
>      visible
>    * mnemonics which cannot be activated are not shown; this includes
>      insensitive controls
>    * moving the mouse over a non-activatable menu item does not change which
>      mnemonics can be activated
This is ludicrous - how would anyone trying to use the keyboard learn the 
different mnemonics available? By seeing them when using the menu with the 
mouse - this is a sub conscious learning process going on, you see it the 
first time, the second time, the third you don't use the mouse but the 
keyboard because you remembered that this function is available via a shortcut 
without having to resort to the mouse. With this enabled you'll never find out 
and thus you have to replace an automatic sub conscious process with a 
conscious effort - something most people will not endeavor to do and is for 
the most part less effective.
> Thank you, GTK+ team.
Yes, thank you for getting rid of a valuable function in a very unelegant way 
and making life harder for people to understand how to interact with 
complicated software!
I just hope this can be deactivated even in a few years time, for the time 
being the setting "gtk-auto-mnemonics = 0" will be added permanently to my 
~/.gtkrc-2.0 - if that should ever disappear I'll phase out any application 
that uses GTK - even if that means switching to windows for my photo editing 
needs. But digikam is reaching maturity, maybe it's there when this bonkers 
development becomes standard, I'm already on the verge of giving up on the 
GIMP as it can't remember the last settings in many dialogs after a restart or 
even from one dialog invocation to the next - I'm getting fed up to reenter 
for example my copyright comment over and over even if I don't leave the GIMP 
when saving the edited image for publication. 
Little things like this menu change may push me over the edge and make me - 
and many of my friends, which I have supported over the years when editing 
images with the GIMP - dump it for good...
Karl Günter Wünsch
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