On Wed, 2010-03-24 at 20:11 +0100, Karl Günter Wünsch wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 March 2010, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > If you don't consider a plug-in additional software, then you can
> > already do that today. 
> Sorry but I would consider this solution quite inadequate as higher color 
> depths account for much of the leeway expected from using RAW image formats 
> in 
> digital cameras...

Well, if you ever looked at the UFRaw Import Plug-in, you'd know that it
gives you a lot of control over how the conversion to 8 bit is done. So
you already get most of the benefits of the RAW format. It's just
somewhat uncomfortable that you have to do all the color and exposure
correction at the import step.

> > The difference with a GEGL-enabled GIMP is that
> > you can then work in the higher color-depths that the RAW format offers.
> Which only means that a GEGL enabled GIMP with appropriate input filters is 
> the only way forward in this respect.



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