On Wednesday 24 March 2010, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Well, if you ever looked at the UFRaw Import Plug-in, you'd know that it
> gives you a lot of control over how the conversion to 8 bit is done. So
> you already get most of the benefits of the RAW format. It's just
> somewhat uncomfortable that you have to do all the color and exposure
> correction at the import step.
The problem is that I recently read about the scaling problems in any non-
linear colour space and as a result have tried scaling some of my images in a 
16 bit linear colour space - with stunning results. So UFRaw helps with the 
first problem of doing the conversion but 8 bit GIMP is messing up things 
later in the editing process... For the moment I am living with the results 
but now knowing how much better they can look without having to compensate 
late in the editing process having a workflow which would start with the 14 
bit depth my camera provides per colour channel and never drops to a non 
linear colour space before the final save to JPEG would be preferred and I 
hope that a GEGL enabled GIMP will do so in the forseable future...
Karl Günter Wünsch
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