I would like to create a Visual Scheme Editor for the GIMP to allow
users with little or no programming knowledge to quickly and easily
create a script. The simplicity of Scheme makes it (in my opinion) the
ideal import/export language for Visual Programming.

The editor (ideally) would allow users to drag-and-drop procedures
from a procedure list into the editor.
I envision the editor as representing each procedure as a box. Boxes
can be nested inside of other boxes to be passed as arguments. Common
procedures would be given icons and a help bubble.
To reduce boiler-plate, the user would be presented with a table to
fill in the additional information needed for a script (author, date,
copyright, etc.)

Obviously this is quite an ambitious project, and thus I would try to
focus on just the essentials.
Also, I have never programmed with GTK+, glib of gobject before.

~ Andrew Simmons
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