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> The mnemonics are unrelated to GIMP's keyboard shortcuts (which will
> still be visible in the menus, unless the user has specified otherwise
> in his gtkrc).

Wait. I thought they were using the word 'mnemonics' to mean what is 
commonly called 'shortcuts'. I see now that what was meant by 
'mnemonics' was the underlined letters in menu items. As I understand 
it, these underlined letters are only useful if you are navigating the 
menus via keyboard. Well, making those visible only when navigating the 
menus by keyboard makes sense.

Pardon my confusion. The UI-world use of the words 'mnemonic' and 
'shortcut' seem confusing to me, since the functionality of the two in 
this case is very similar. I would call that a misuse of the word 
'mnemonic'. But this isn't a debate about language use.

> Advanced users will learn to avail
> themselves of such optional conveniences without requiring prompting
> from talking paperclips or animated walkthroughs, and the neophytes
> are better off not being confronted with the additional complications.

I don't think that philosophy applies to the presence of keyboard 
shortcuts next to the names of menu items. These subtle bits of 
additional information are a different species than talking paperclips. 
One is helpful but not intrusive. The other is condescending and 
intrusive when on by default.

In my experience 'neophytes' or non-expert users don't even notice that 
the shortcuts are there. I have people at work that supposedly work on 
computers every day that don't know the keyboard shortcuts for 
copy/paste. For some it seems the GUI is filled with lots of small 
details that they don't comprehend, so they just ignore those details 
and continue working to the highest level of efficiency that they are 

-Jason Simanek
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