Jenny wrote:

> GEGL shipped an GUI application for test, with which user takes many  
> OPs on the default image.  But this application can not load images.
> I want to write a user-friendly GUI for GEGL as my GSoC project. I  
> think this application should provide many drag-able "block"s, where  
> each block assigns an operation. User drags blocks and connects them  
> to process image. Kinda like the simulink 
> ( 
> ).
> Expecting feedback.

the graph/boxes and hoses/visual programming metaphor will one day
be in GIMP, because we have 'researching cutting edge image algorithms'
in the vision.

but it is certainly not how I see anybody creative or production
working. that is much more hands-on, a continuation of the way
you see right now in GIMP: hand-tools, a free combination of
selections + filters/operations + layer techniques.

the graph thing can be added _after_ all of these normal things have
been adapted to GEGL.


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