My name is Stephen McKeague and I am very interested in implementing the Free 
Transform Tool in GIMP for this years Google Summer of Code, originally 
proposed by Martin Nordholts.  The project information page seems to still be 
offline, so I would like to discuss the bounds of the project.
Since the functionality is obviously in place for rotate, scale sheer and 
perspective separately, they could be combined in a Photoshop like fashion for 
the Free Transform Tool, presumably using shortcut keys to specify the details 
of the required transform.  Since the GUI would have to be amended to include 
the new tool, would it be a good idea to have the icons for both a Free 
Transform and the existing separate transforms beside each other?  This would 
possibly result in too much feature duplication but I would like to hear your 
thoughts on the matter along with anything else relating to the project.

I am starting a Ph.D. in Computer Vision this October at Imperial College 
London.  I feel that I would be able to contribute a lot to this project and 
would love to use the experience gained through it to continue developing GIMP 
as a regular contributor.

Thank you very much for your time 
Stephen McKeague                                          
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