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> Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 17:01:12 +0200
> Subject: Re: [Gimp-developer] GSOC - Free Transform Tool
> Stephen McKeague wrote:
>> My name is Stephen McKeague and I am very interested in implementing
>> the Free Transform Tool in GIMP for this years Google Summer of
>> Code, originally proposed by Martin Nordholts. The project
>> information page seems to still be offline, so I would like to
>> discuss the bounds of the project.
> yes, it would give you quite a complete overview of how I see that
> tool working,
> I hope the site can be up soon.
> meanwhile, try this google cache:
> however, last week I have updated the design of the shear and
> perspective
> transform handles and all opcities:

looks really good, I love the idea

> and
> this of course triggers a big update of the spec. there are also some
> rough edges in the spec that need to be defined: like when the frame is
> partially in view, or no edge of the frame is in view.

On this note, could you please clarify for me where it says, "Only the visible 
part of the transform frame goes into the size calculations".  I know the 
selection tool would used to define the desired area for transform but what 
significance would the local zoom level (for example) hold? Surely if all parts 
of the user selected area were not subject to the same transformation it would 
seem inconsistent (or did I not understand what you were trying to say)?
Also, can you please confirm why the transformation tool would only perform the 
calculation when the user "goes and does something else".  I understand the 
angle of the tool processing an "aggregate transformation", but the intro 
specifies that "we try to enable a positive feedback loop where the result of 
the last transformation input inspires the next few steps".  Enhancing the 
"feeling" nature of the transformation, I took this to mean that the user 
should see the result of one stage of the free transform tool (e.g. an initial 
scale) before applying a further stage (e.g. a further rotate).  Am I correct?

> btw: getting the opacity part working may need some serious grunt work.
> ask the developers about it.
>> Since the functionality is obviously in place for rotate, scale
>> sheer and perspective separately, they could be combined in a
>> Photoshop like fashion for the Free Transform Tool, presumably using
>> shortcut keys to specify the details of the required transform.
> The new transform tool is indeed a combined transform tool: move,
> rotate,
> scale, shear, perspective.
>> Since the GUI would have to be amended to include the new tool,
>> would it be a good idea to have the icons for both a Free Transform
>> and the existing separate transforms beside each other? This would
>> possibly result in too much feature duplication but I would like to
>> hear your thoughts on the matter along with anything else relating
>> to the project.
> see my intro in the spec. but the short version is: the combined tool is
> "to supersede the move, scale and shear tools" and should be
> complemented
> by expert rotate and perspective tools. the flip tool is a goner.
I was going to suggest replacing that :-)

Thanks a lot for the inputStephen                                         
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