On 03/27/2010 08:31 PM, Jake Zhang wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I have send an email to Gimp developer list. I am not sure if the email
> has gone through. I am sending it to you (mentor of this project) and
> the list again...
> Thank you.
> Jake.
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:55 AM, Jake Zhang <jake.zhang....@gmail.com
> <mailto:jake.zhang....@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     I am interested in the "Replace the GimpSizeEntry widget" project
>     for Gimp in GSoC 2010. I found this project is relevant to my
>     experiences and suitable for me. I look forward to having more
>     details about specs.
>     With a quick search for GimpSizeEntry, I found and read its docs:
>     http://developer.gimp.org/api/2.0/libgimpwidgets/GimpSizeEntry.html
>     When creating a new image, there are some fields to set the size,
>     resolution, and units for the image, and printing. Am I looking at
>     the correct point? If so, it is an important element, because almost
>     every user will use it.
>     If getting this project, I can make some simple and intuitive design
>     for the UI and interaction, and possibly clean and refactor some
>     relevant source code. I invite your input and advice.
>     I have strong skills and work experiences in software development,
>     mostly in graphics area. I have developed graphics editors in C,
>     C++, Java and Python (for image processing and manipulation). One of
>     the programs has been used by hundreds of customers every year. I am
>     familiar the work to deal with dimensions, DPI, the ratio between
>     pixels displayed and physical sizes of the object or image.
>     I have experiences in C, GTK+, GObject, and Git.
>     Regards,
>     Jake.


The current GimpSizeEntry widget has a few outstanding problems
* The code is a giant mess
* This makes it very hard, close to impossible, to add feature like 
"preserve aspect ratio between numbers in two GimpSizeEntry:s while 
typing in one of them, updated live"
* It takes up a lot of space, and is generally clumsy, a GimpSizeEntry 
inherits from GtkTable but it should rather inherit from GtkEntry
* The combobox used to choose unit is awkward to use, would be better to 
have that handled inside the GtkEntry, simply "40 px" or "9 in"

  / Martin


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