The problem I encounter is not with the git version, but with my use of it.

I have two computers, one at work and one at home. Same version of Debian
testing (Squeeze),  same version of GIMP compiled from git the same day. No
problem with the computer at home.

On the computer at work, I have at least two very specific problems:
Ctrl+mouse scrolling does not zoom at all, and with the Text tool, the
temporary control window in the image does not work: if I click on some
control, it is as if I would like to write text elsewhere in the window. The
scrolling-zooming problem does not occur with GIMP 2.6, it is specific to
the git version.

I tried re-installing completely Debian testing on the computer at work,
with no result. Today I imagined another test: I created another account on
the same computer, and checked the two problems above. Both have

Thus the problem is somewhere in my personal configuration, but where should
I search? Do the two problems suggest some idea to anybody?

Olivier Lecarme
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