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> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 10:20 AM, Omari Stephens <x...@csail.mit.edu>wrote:
>> Try running "ldd `which gimp-2.7`" on both machines.  I would imagine
>> there's a dependency issue.  Specifically, I'd wonder about your
>> versions of X11 and GTK
> Since the problem finally occurs on the same machine, but with  two
> different users, it must be a matter of personal GIMP environment. I'm
> searching in this direction.
> I think I have the answer, but I don't know why it is such, and whether I
should file a bug: it depends on the input device mode setting. If the
tablet mouse is set to GDK_MODE_SCREEN, its wheel no longer works in the
image, although it works in the scrolling bars. It no longer allows to
change the text parameters in the image, and the tablet pen, which must be
in screen mode for the pressure and tilt parameters to work, cannot be used
for changing parameters of a text in the image.

I don't have the same problem on the computer at home because I don't have a
tablet there. And a new user does not have the problem, because the input
device configuration is in its default state.

Olivier Lecarme
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