On 04/04/2010 11:53 AM, Andreas_P wrote:
> Now my proposal: Just look at the upcoming (brand) new version of
> "racket" which is nothing else than the newly renamed and rebranded
> "PLT-Scheme". PLT is (in case you don't know) the bunch of hackers who
> are refining the elements of R6RS-Scheme to a mixture which can sb. call
> "impressive"...


To me, there is only one sensible scripting language to consider when 
talking about a major overhaul of the GIMP scripting core, and that is 
JavaScript. It is a well-known and understood scripting language with a 
bright future (HTML5) and that also is already embraced by the GNOME 
community. IMO, putting a big effort on introducing any other scripting 
language to GIMP would be futile.

  / Martin


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