On 4/8/2010 1:15 PM, LightningIsMyName wrote:
> Hello,
> I compiled GIMP from git this week, on windows using msys and mingw
> (and without cygwin).
> You can find my build here:

Here is my build of gimp
Download Url                                      File name
http://depositfiles.com/files/vkzou2avb   gimp-2.7.1_git20100402_win32.rar

just unpack it in any place and run
this version is compiled with all most important dependencies like jpeg,
exif, and so on and it's also quite stable, but there is one bug it
doesn't remember single window mode settings, so you have activate this
setting every time when you restarting gimp

Here is working msys and mingw environment with all dependencies which
you need to compile git under windows. Just unpack to root of disk C:
and add c:/msys/bin to your PATH

Download Url                                      File name
http://depositfiles.com/files/id8ht8ge7   msys_installed_gimpdep.rar

And here is distributions of all dependencies if you want to reinstall
them from scratch
Download Url                              File name
http://depositfiles.com/files/7b0v83isy   msys_gimpdep.rar
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