I'd like to chime in here also supporting tiny-fu.

I agree with almost everything said by SG

While the language is less common than some languages, it provides a
very simple way to script existing pdb functions when you have no need
to access the individual image pixels.

Rather than considering replacing scheme or adding
yet-another-scripting-language, there are two things that could really
improve the usability of the existing implementation:

-A visual editor (proposed here as a GSOC project:
http://archives.free.net.ph/message/20100325.130320.3246ef1c.en.html )
 I would envision this to be a separate plugin sharing code with the
existing script-fu plugin
-(optional) preview capability within the script-fu plugin, or even
full document preview, applying the script to the existing document
without exiting the filter, updating on change of the parameters.

Just my biased opinion (having used a RPN calculator for 25+ years,
Scheme doesn't scare me ;)

-Rob A>
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