I d/l'd from Deposit Files and on first run got a missing DLL error on  
Turns out I already had a copy of this as part of install of plugin 
Filter Factory Converter.

I renamed this plugin to make it bypassed in GIMP plugin but got same 
error on next run of GIMP 2.7.1
Then copied to GIMP\bin (same folder containing gimp-2.7.exe)

Gimp 2.7.1 now runs successfully WinXP SP3 :-)
I haven't yet walked through the changes noted here: 

Note to download all three files from Deposit Files (using free download 
takes quite sometime with waits of 17 minutes between each RAR file)

I don't know whether this will help anyone else or not but I copied all 
three archive files to my Google Docs to folder [myShares]. Anyone who 
wants to d/l any of the files can get them from this link:

I also put libintl-8.dll in same folder in case anyone else has same 
problem and doesn't have or want to get FilterFactory (available on 
Photocomix site)

Oleg: Google Documents now allows 1 GB limit per gmail account and 
AFAICT is easier for uploaders than any of the file-sharing sites in 
case you wind building another version. Note: it seems that you have 
allow world read and edit capababilities - hence ability to delete - to 
allow others to download files per the link Google will give you. :-(

Thanks very much!

On 2010-04-08 06:18, Oleg Blazhyievskyi wrote:
> On 4/8/2010 1:15 PM, LightningIsMyName wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I compiled GIMP from git this week, on windows using msys and mingw
>> (and without cygwin).
>> You can find my build here:
> Here is my build of gimp
> Download Url                                      File name
> http://depositfiles.com/files/vkzou2avb   gimp-2.7.1_git20100402_win32.rar
> just unpack it in any place and run
> this version is compiled with all most important dependencies like jpeg,
> exif, and so on and it's also quite stable, but there is one bug it
> doesn't remember single window mode settings, so you have activate this
> setting every time when you restarting gimp
> Here is working msys and mingw environment with all dependencies which
> you need to compile git under windows. Just unpack to root of disk C:
> and add c:/msys/bin to your PATH
> Download Url                                      File name
> http://depositfiles.com/files/id8ht8ge7   msys_installed_gimpdep.rar
> And here is distributions of all dependencies if you want to reinstall
> them from scratch
> Download Url                              File name
> http://depositfiles.com/files/7b0v83isy   msys_gimpdep.rar
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