Am Freitag, 9. April 2010 02:52:04 schrieb Michael Hansen:
>  Maybe my request is a little bit naive (because I guess, that everyone has
>  enough work to do with more important things), but anyway: 
> What I am really missing at the moment is a plug-in to import and export
>  the VTF (Valve Texture Format) file format.
>  More
>  information:
> There already exists a Photoshop plug-in:
> And there also
>  exists an open source library:
> Or does anyone has an advise how to get the Photoshop plug-in working in
>  GIMP? 

There is a Photoshop-Plugin handler for the Gimp, but it will only work with 
filters (and even then, not with all of them). So no luck with exporters or 
importers here.

Since there is an open source library (LGPL) available, it is much better to 
create a native Gimp plugin anyway.

However, the person who created the library unfortunately is solemnly relying 
on MS tools (and thus using some of their unportable declarations) - so there 
will be quite some work involved getting it compiled and running with gcc/g++ 
and on other platforms than Windows ...


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