Stephen McKeague wrote:

>> what needs sorting out is that after some manipulation the
>> transformation
>> frame can be any kind of shape that can be made out of 4 corners
>> connected
>> by 4 straight lines, including a twisted bow tie type of shape.
>> this general shape is then clipped by the viewport of the image  
>> window,
>> which is really a rectangle. This clipped general shape then needs to
>> be manipulated. I still have to investigate what is reasonable for  
>> users
>> to be able to do in these situations and how I can make this happen.
> Yeah, after a perspective change of close to 90deg in any one  
> direction - even if this was actually a mistake - the frame will be  
> rendered unusable because of the low resolution between the  
> different handles.  Given that currently you will not be able to  
> undo just part of the overall Free Transform,

good point, undo in steps during the use of the tool is on the menu.
this may be aggregated for undo too after the tool is left.

> this will pose a problem (Large shears will exhibit the same  
> behaviour).  One possible solution would be that transform frame  
> would only mirror the actual transformation up to a certain  
> threshold.  Otherwise the decision could be left to the user to  
> accept (or undo) the current transformation and start a new free  
> transform (and thus new transformation frame).  Any update on your  
> thoughts on this?

well, this needs UI spec work, for these (valid) edge cases, but that  
to have context of users (when the intent is there) working at a  
that is workable. but this is hard thinking work and TBD.


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