On 04/10/2010 11:26 AM, Avgoustinos Kadis wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm an applicant for GSoC 2010. I got inspired by the "menu search"
> idea and proposed the "user friendly plug-in browser" that would allow
> users to find the plug-in they want by seeing the effect on an example
> image. The whole thing is to browse through images rather than through
> text. The reason is that the names of plug-ins say nothing to many of
> the users (including me) and they hesitate to try them. But by seeing
> the effect of the plug-in they will be more willing to use it.
> Could you please give me some feedback on my proposal? I would like to
> know if this idea is feasible. Are there any aspects I didn't think
> of?

The idea makes complete sense and has been discussed every now and then. 
There are a couple of requirements that a design would have to fulfil:

* The preview calculations needs to support different sources, most 
notably GIMP legacy core, plug-ins, and GEGL, so a good architecture is 

* Preview calculations needs to be done in a lazy on-demand manner to 
make the UI responsive. That is, preview calculations needs to happen 
outside of the UI thread so one can browse around freely without being 
forced to wait for previews to finish rendering

  / Martin


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