On 04/10/2010 01:03 PM, Avgoustinos Kadis wrote:
> I understand (about the good architecture). It should be designed
> carefully to support all the sources (I was aware only of the
> plug-ins). Does this object model you use for C allows inheritance?

GIMP uses GObject which supports inheritance.

> About the preview calculations. I was thinking that it might be faster
> to pre-calculate all the plug-ins/core/GEGL on 2-3 fixed sample images
> [300x300] (ex. an apple, a person, a building and a sunset) and store
> them on the user's machine. Each time he opens this feature browser,
> if there is a new feature without a sample image, it'll be calculating
> it and storing it on hard disk. It should still happen in a separate
> thread of course but I think it would speed up things.

Always using the same images is the easy way, using it on the current 
image is the harder but better way. If you go for the easy way I think 
you should plan for introducing the hard way later, just to make sure 
that the solution scales.

  / Martin


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