Michael Schumacher wrote:

> we've been approached on the #gimp channel by Marina Zhurakhinskaya  
> from
> the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. She has helped GSoC applicants
> with their applications and is currently looking for a mentor for the
> following project:
> Full version (minus personal data of the student, of course):
> http://www.fpaste.org/qLNt/raw/

so I read the whole thing.

OK, it is a gnome project, not a GIMP project, and that is good
because I am 80% sure that this kind of functionality is not
desirable in GIMP.

This kind of mechanism is part of the nuts and bolts of
_database_ type photo management apps like iPhoto, and
it works there, because users (in general) do not access
the file tree of the repository. So getting an image on
another drive or system literally means dragging the image out
of the app, not from a directory to somewhere else. This makes it
an explicit export out of the app and makes it plausible why
those images cannot be reverted to original.

I see this not working for GIMP because it is file system
based, it does not mesh well with the GEGL lossless editing
metaphor, and because moving GIMP files between systems/users
where it gets worked on further (with full modification history)
is simply a requirement for us.

what Kamila and I presented years ago in Montreal was that
what we need is a _simple_ versioning mechanism inside GIMP
files, built on top of GEGL.

that covers (for GIMP) the user needs that this proposal
tries to address.


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