I'm new on the developer list.

I like to look for possibilities where I can help in the Gimp-development.

I'm using Gimp since about 1 1/2 years, starting with Rolf Steinort's  
nice video tutorials.
Gimp has helped me solving some picture enhancements in the emantime,  
but it also has some limitations.

Here I want to help.

I would like to help in pushing into the direction of overcoming the  
8-Bit limitation. Also interesting would be for me to have more  
knowledge on the plugin-stuff; I had already written some little  
Python-plugins, but to know more about that would be fine.... I also  
think about implementing a foreign language interface for OCaml.

But I should start with some small steps I think.
I have just looked into some *.c files, but rather unsystematically.

At the moment I'm using Ubuntu and used the "apt-get source gimp" to  
download the sources of the current Gimp on my distribution. I looked  
for the necessary tools, which were not all installed. So then I  
installed them.
And at the GEGL-part I encountered other problems: there is a library  
babl, which is already installed, but seems to be out of date. I got  
the sources, but the mentioned confiugure-script was not there. I  
tried other ways, but did not get it compiled, and so I did not got  
something Gimpy to play with.

So no easy start jumping into Gimp was possible.

What would you recommend as a setup for the develeopment?
Are there already scripts for the Gimp-developers that
just can be used?

For example: maybe there is a bunch of scripts that invoke
svn update's and maybe also installation of the stuff that is used to  
develop the software (automatically compiling all the libraries in  
local directuries)?

Any ideas on what stuff can be done at the begin, without influencing  
other parts of the current development? Starting with svn conflicts  
would be not that good, IMHO.

Also I'm looking for an overview on the whole source and the way the  
software is organized.

It looks like a lot of code...

Also maybe it would make sense to go to developer meetings?
I'm located in Berlin.


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