Am Donnerstag, 15. April 2010 11:33:42 schrieb Tor Lillqvist:
> > It seems that you're talking Windows in this case. ;-)
> >
> > Frankly, it is a very bad thing when applications include a script
> > language engine in their distribution that then is installed somewhere in
> > a non- standard place on the platform.
> But what is the "standard" place for Python on Windows? And are you
> sure that some version of for instance even would work
> with whatever Python version the people currently consider
> "standard"?

All Python distributions I know of handle the place where they are installed 
via the Windows registry, i.e. any application can test whether python is 
installed or not (and where) by simply querying the registry.

Now, if Python comes bundled with an applicaton, this registration is not made 
(which is good in the first place, since it is not Python that gets installed 
but another application).

For the time being I haven't had any problems with Gimp and Blender using a 
system-wide installation of Python and even upgrading Python without touching 
the applications worked flawlessly - but then it maybe just working for me...

> On systems with package management and svendor package repositories
> that *do* offer standard packages of everything imagineable in the
> FLOSS worls, the situation is quite different of course.

Windows has its dreaded registry which should be used for these purposes since 
the "standard" place for installing stuff can be chosen freely by the user.

I admit that with some underlying libraries like Gtk+ there *can* be a problem 
when installing system-wide versions. However, when using the registry, it 
should be possible to even have several (and incompatible) versions of said 
libraries installed (since both, version information and path to the library 
can be registered).

Anyway, if people decide to include Python in Gimp for Windows it is fine with 
me, but I would still think of it as an extremely suboptimal solution - not 
for the usability of Gimp, but more in view of securing and maintaining the 
system itself which already is a pain in places where it hurts most.


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